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When I Watched… “General Hospital”

Posted in When I Watched with tags , on November 27, 2008 by Jeff

general-hospitalMy first introduction to General Hospital was in 1979.  I was all of eleven years old, and my sister (who had already hooked me on All My Children and One Life to Live) turned me on to GH.  The first storyline I liked involved Heather Webber (then played by Mary O’Brien), who would do anything to get the baby she gave away from his adopted parents, Dr. Peter Taylor and his wife Diana.  Heather was seriously on a mission.  Then the entire hospital was quarantined when a patient came down with the horribly contagious Lassa Fever.  Among those quarantined together in the hospital were Dr. Rick Webber and Dr. Monica Quartermaine, who had long ago been lovers before they married Lesley Webber and Alan Quartermaine, respectively.  Would Rick and Monica give in to temptation? I was hooked.

I loved GH during the excitement of Luke and Laura, and the recasting of Heather with Robin Mattson. Then the show took on more of a sci-fi feel, with Mikkos Cassadine freezing Port Charles, and Russian spies and everyone looking for discs and such.  I lost touch with the show and by 1984 I had stopped watching.

In the mid 1990’s Claire Labine became General Hospital‘s head writer and created a new Golden Age for the show.  Luke and Laura returned, BJ Jones died and left her cousin Maxie the heartbreaking gift of her own heart, Monica battled breast cancer, and Stone Cates fell in love with Robin Scorpio and eventually succumbed to AIDS.  General Hospital was great again.  After Labine left, Bob Guza became the new head writer and for the most part, kept the show where Labine had left it.  Guza gave us the famous “clink boom” episode where Sonny’s wife was killed in an explosion at the same time his beloved Brenda was toasting her marriage to Jax.  Too much of a good thing can lead to problems and GH eventually became the Sonny Corinthos Show, with almost everything revolving around the mobster.  By 1998, I had become bored with Sonny, and therefore I was bored with General Hospital.

I’m giving General Hospital another shot on December 29, when I will watch it for one full week.  I’ll let you know if I get hooked again.