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CBS Cancels “As the World Turns”

Posted in News with tags on December 8, 2009 by Jeff

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, but not much has been going on. A year after my “return to soap viewing” only one soap, The Young and the Restless, has managed to keep my attention as a regular viewer – and the last month has found me fast forwarding through much of that.

Today it was announced that CBS has canceled As the World Turns – a television program that is synonymous with the term “soap opera.”  While Guiding Light was the grande dame of soaps, As the World Turns was the show that first drew attention to the entire genre. For years, it was the show every soap aspired to be.  From Carol Burnett’s send up called As the Stomach Churns to  “the show everyone was watching when they learned President Kennedy had been shot” – just about everyone who’s ever owned a television set has heard of As the World Turns. Ironically, CBS informed Proctor & Gamble of their decision on Friday – the same day that Dr. Malcolm Perry (the first doctor who attended to President Kennedy after he was shot) passed away. I guess that’s somehow fitting.

As the World Turns, like all soaps, has had ups and downs.  But I will always remember those magical Douglas Marland years of 1985 through 1993 when watching As the World Turns was like visiting family and friends. I haven’t watched the show since I sampled it a year ago, but I’ll tune in next September to say goodbye to Bob and Kim, to Nancy, to Lisa, to Tom and Margo, to Lucinda, to Holden, to Emma, and all the other familiar faces from my favorite years in Oakdale.

Until then, I’ll post occassional memories and clips of the show as some sort of tribute to the legend that is As the World Turns.