CBS Cancels “Guiding Light”

glWe all knew it was coming. I actually thought the show had another year left, but not much more. What can I say about a show that I grew up watching? I might have been away from Springfield for some time, but I actually got back into the show recently – and I liked it a lot.  The GL of 2009 doesn’t resemble the GL I grew up watching, but it was still “my” show.  I’m not going to get my hopes up that P&G or TeleNext (or whatever they are calling themselves today) shops the show to another outlet. Instead, I will enjoy the next six months of GL

And on September 18, I will curl up on my favorite chair and watch the Bauers, Lewis’s, Spauldings, and Coopers for one last time and hope that they live happlily after after.


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