One Life to Live All Over Again

one_life_to_liveThere are two weeks left in my experiment and this week is all about One Life to Live.  OLTL has always held a special place in my heart. Will Llanview be a place that I want to set up permanent residence?  I’ll let you know over the weekend!

For those keeping score: only AMC and B&B have earned a spot on my TiVo list as of yet.


One Response to “One Life to Live All Over Again”

  1. Hopefully, you have saved the best for last and will love what is currently going on at OLTL and Y&R. I am almost positive they will remain on your TIVO. If AMC can B&B can make your list, then these 2 shows are about to show you what you loved about the great old-school soap storytelling of the past. Both shows have modernized the themes but they are still based on the core families, characters and building story around that umbrella we all stand under for emotional, relationship-based, character-driven daytime drama.

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