As I Saw It… Days of Our Lives

arianne-zukerWhat in the world happened to Days of Our Lives?  I wasn’t impressed when I last sampled the show during the “Marlena is a Serial Killer” storyline, but at least I could figure out who-was-who on the show.  What made it so hard for me last week to figure out who the new characters are, is because all of the stories on the show appear to be self-contained.  There was no intermingling of stories when I watched.  What was happening with Sami (what was happening with Sami?) had nothing to do with what was happening to Bo and Hope, which had nothing to do with what was happening with Kate and Daniel.  I remember the good old Days several storylines were intertwined and that made for interesting viewing.

Acting has never been one of Days‘ strong suits, and for the most part, the acting by the younger set leaves a lot to be desired.  Powerhouse Arianne Zuker does wonders as Nicole, even in a stereotypical “pretend pregnancy” storyline.  She deserves a better story. 

The budget cuts are clearly visible on the show, which used to boast some of the best sets on daytime.  The show has a shabby look to it, and the lighting isn’t flattering for the actors.  

In the end, I just couldn’t get into the show.  I knew going in that this wouldn’t be Masterpiece Theatre, but I was hoping for some fun. There weren’t any supercouples or quirky stories.  What I found was a lot of filler and no substance.  For a show that has a rich history and has had many creative highs, this is a low point for Days of Our Lives.


2 Responses to “As I Saw It… Days of Our Lives”

  1. Join the club! I still watch the show regularly (well a couple of times a week) and I still have to ask who these newbies are. Luckily, the fast foward button is there to speed through those scenes.

    At least there are characters I sill like there — Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla, John and Marlena, Stephano. Except they don’t seem to be doing much of anything these days.

    And then there’s the problem of Sami. I like the characer in small doses. Very small doses. But when she dominates the show as she had for the past two years, it’s excrutating.

    But this current storyline where she’s in the safe house with Rafe is boring beyond belief. All the dialogue seems recycled from from every other romance she’s ever had (guess that’s one way to save money). And there’s no chemistry with Rafe, which is a shame since I’m so glad to have Galen Gering back on screen. Galen had chemistry with every woman they paired him wiht on Passions, yet he moves over to Days and he has zilch with Sami.

  2. I totally agree with about the sami storyline it’s sooooo boring and she just need to stop having kids. DR Jonas is trying to sleep with every women in Salem, and I find it extremely weird that Stephanie and Chelsey are bestfriends (what happened to Abby?) and actually cousins (that they don’t acknowledge) but keeps passing Max around to each other. Its just getting out of hand.

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