As I Saw It… The Bold and the Beautiful

bold_and_beautifulMy Bold and the Beautiful went by in a flash.  I enjoyed the half hour format because there were less characters to get to know, quick moving stories that were easy to follow, and a cast of actors who – for the most part – were familiar to this former viewer.  

Speaking of those familiar faces, I can’t say enough about the amazing Susan Flannery (Stephanie).  She takes anything they throw at her and makes it look like it was written by Shakespeare.  She never chews the scenery or tries to overpower her co-stars; instead she uses her talents to add to her scenes instead of stealing them.  What surprised me the most is just how good of an actress Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) has become.  Maybe I never noticed before because of the redundancy of her past storylines, or maybe I noticed her beauty more than her acting, but she impressed me a lot this week.  John McCook is always great as Eric, and Ronn Moss does a capable job as Ridge. 

The story last week focused mostly on the effects of the death of Ridge and Taylor’s (Hunter Tylo) daughter Phoebe, which was caused by Brooke and Eric’s son, Rick (Kyle Lowder).  Another storyline was about Eric and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) troubled marriage, complicated by Thorne’s (Winsor Harmon) machinations.  

I enjoyed the fast pace of the show.  Some story points were cleared up within the week, while others were left hanging to keep viewers waiting. Although none of the stories were peaking the week I watched, they were interesting enough for me to look forward to the next episode.  Now that the week is over, I want to see more.  And in the world of soaps, that’s the point!


2 Responses to “As I Saw It… The Bold and the Beautiful”

  1. You like it after one week. I doubt you’ll be able to handle it after two!

  2. I guess I am pleased that you enjoyed B&B. I do not think it is in good health right now, although the week you saw was better than some…with Rick coming to some self-realization of his bad behavior, and Thorne getting a comeuppance for manipulating Eric.

    In the end, I have to accept that B&B is like a Hershey’s miniature candy…sometimes good, never nutritious, rarely satisfying in the long run. I keep holding it to the standard of Y&R, but that is like expecting all your children (no pun intended) to be the same.

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