When I Watched… “The Young and the Restless”

young-and-restlessOf all the soaps I’ve watched over the years, The Young and the Restless has always baffled me.  I know it’s the most popular soap on the air, but I’ve always found it to move a bit slow for my taste.  My mother watched Y&R when it first debuted, and I remember Jill and Mrs. Chancellor; Lori Brooks and Lance Prentiss, and most of all, Lance’s creepy mother who wore a veil to cover the scars on her face.

In 1983, Guiding Light had become my favorite soap, and I watched As the World Turns also.  I saw a preview for Y&R and recognized Andrea Evans, who had played Tina on One Life to Live. I tuned in and liked what I saw.  Evans was Patty, Paul’s sister and the wife of Jack Abbott.  Jack, always the cad, was cheating on Patty and she had just found out.  Patty brought a gun to Jack’s office and told him she was going to kill herself. Jack tried to talk Patty out of suicide, and told her that if anyone should die, it should be him.  Little did Jack realize that Patty would take him seriously and shoot him.  At the same time, Jack’s overweight sister Traci was being tormented by her slim and beautiful rival for Danny Romalotti’s affection.  I kept watching Y&R.

Alas, while the show was great, it just moved a bit too slow for me.  By the end of the summer, the Jack/Patty shooting storyline still wasn’t wrapped up.  I felt that I could “take a month off” of watching and tune back in and the show would be in the same place as where I left off. I didn’t watch every day, but I kept track of the show here and there, and enjoyed it when I watched.

Unlike other shows, The Young and the Restless never turned me away because of lack of quality.  It was never my favorite show, and when I had time I’d tune in. The older I got the less time I had.  The last time I payed attention to it was about three years ago when Nick and Sharon’s daughter died. It was a great episode, but it didn’t leave me wanting more.

It will be fun to see what is going on in Genoa City when I tune in for a week on January 19.  I’ve heard good things about Maria Arena Bell and the Kay Chancellor/Marge storyline.  I’ll report my thoughts here after I watch.


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