When I Watched… “As The World Turns”

as_the_world_turnsSome of my earliest childhood memories include playing on my parents’ living floor as my mother watched As The World Turns while ironing.  I would hear the familiar theme music while visiting my grandmother and my aunts.  Although I didn’t really understand who the people were, I knew that my mom liked Kim and wanted her to be with Dan, but Susan and John always caused problems.  As I got older, I watched All My Children and most of the ABC soaps.  I never thought much more about World Turns until I became a fan of Guiding Light in the early 1980’s and saw a few commercials for World Turns around the Tom/Margo/Mr. Big storyline.  I was curious enough to tune in.  While I didn’t watch every day, I enjoyed Tom and Margo, the who shot John Dixon mystery, and also the Steve/Betsy/Craig triangle.  When legendary head writer Douglas Marland was named head writer of As The World Turns in 1985, I began watching daily.

I loved the resurgent Hughes family, the introduction of the Snyders, Lucinda and Lily, and the blend of humor, pathos, and mystery that Marland wrote so well.  As The World Turns featured youthful storylines but always tied things into the past and kept veterans front and center, sharing the spotlight with their younger co-stars.  It was a show my whole family could watch together.  My favorite storylines during this era were Lily and Holden’s romance, the secret of Lily’s adoption and true parents, Bob and Kim finding Sabrina in Venice, Tad Channings’s murder, and the first (and best) return of James Stenbeck.

Sadly, Dougas Marland died in 1993 and As The World Turns was never quite the same for me.  Subsequent head writers each put their own spin on the show, and nothing really caught my attention. Slowly but surely my favorites left the show.  I was particularly sad to see Lisa Brown (Iva) leave, as she was also a big favorite of mine from Guiding Light, where she played Nola.  New characters were introduced that had no bearing on the existing cast, and some storylines were almost laughable.  I stopped watching the show in 1995.

Eventually, Hogan Sheffer became head writer, and critics began taking notice in World Turns again.  I checked the show out, and while the stories were interesting (especially the Barbara and Craig storyline), I found many of my favorite characters had come back with totally different personalities – most notably Dusty Donovan.  I kept tabs on the show here and there, but never became a real viewer again.

On December 8th, I’ll try out As The World Turns again for a full week.  I’ll be sure to let you know what I think.


2 Responses to “When I Watched… “As The World Turns””

  1. I think you will like AtWT. Its very good right now!

  2. you didn’t say how long it’s been since you last watched, but i expect you’ll see a lot of unfamiliar faces and new characters. craig montgomery, now played by jon lindstrom, returned to oakdale this week. can’t wait to hear what you think about his new girlfriend.

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